International Academy of Modern Art - Rome (Italy)

Digital Reperoire of the Contemporary Italian Engraving - Bagnacavallo (Italy)

Ancient and Modern Engraving Study - Municipality of the Bagnacavallo - Ravenna (Italy)

National Association of Italian Engravers - Vigonza (Italy)

Ministry of Culture - Sector Fine Arts - Cairo (Egypt)
Internatiional Print Triennale - 4th and 5th session (Artists: Italy, Beatrice Palezzetti)

International Printmaking Biennial Douro - Alijò (Portugal)

Zamenhof Gallery - Milan (Italy)

Association "Il Tempo Ritrovato" Rome (Italy)

Association Diego Donati - Perugia (Italy)

European Cultural Association "Francesco Orioli" - Vallerano (Italy)

Cultural Association "Accademia Castrimeniense" - Marino (Italy)

Roma Paese - Ardeatino - Twentieth District - Rome (Italy)

Association Engraving Shop - Rome (Italy)

Museum of the Royal House of Portugal

Muzeum Florean - Baia Mare (Romania)